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The Numbers are In…..

By Robert Menking


Robert Menking, CENTURY 21 Sunset, Realtors Sales Associate

      Well, the first quarter of 2009 has come and gone, and its probably no surprise to you that real estate sales numbers are down. However, the good news is that there are still buyers in the marketplace. They are looking for good values and quality properties…. and they are finding them. In analyzing the quarter’s numbers, its obvious that the completed sales were reliant on one thing…. and that was pricing. As an average, all of the residential sales completed in the city limits of Fredericksburg were closed at approximately 95% of their tax appraisal. Some areas of the city were much lower. This means that we should be expecting tax appraisals to be reduced in the coming months, and that the days of expecting buyers to pay excessive prices above tax appraisals are over… at least for a while.
     If you want to sell your property, you still can…. however, your pricing has to be realistic. Buyers just have so many properties from which to choose.

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Fredericksburg Churches


Jack Arnold and Sunya

Jack Arnold and Sunya

Since the Easter Season is upon us, Sunya and I thought you would enjoy taking a tour of some of our beautiful and historic Fredericksburg churches.

As usual, we will begin our walk at Century 21 Sunset, Realtors Office. Our location in the Fredericksburg’s Historic District is in easy walking distance of a number of historic and magnificent Hill Country Churches.

Zion Lutheran Church


 Zion Lutheran Church

From our office we walk west on Main St. just a couple of blocks to find Zion Lutheran Church at the end of the block, on the corner of W. Main and Edison.  Zion Luthern Church is steeped in history. Built in 1852, this beautiful structure features a tall steeple with spectacular night lighting.  I can hear the melodious evening bells from Zion at my house on West Austin Street. Those beautiful bells take you back to “times gone by”.


St. Mary’s Catholic ChurchSt. Mary’s Catholic Church

From Zion we walk south on Edison St., and then head east on San Antonio Street.  After crossing Milam Street,  you start to see the extensive St. Mary’s Catholic Church Complex. St. Mary’s Catholic School is on the south side of the street and the main St. Mary’s Church is located on the north side of the street.  Services are currently held in the pictured building which was built in 1906.


The old St. Mary’s ChurchThe Old St. Mary’s Church  


 A historical marker tells visitors that the St. Mary’s Parish dates to 1846 with the arrival of the German settlers.  An earlier log structure was replace by this building in 1863.  It is a beautiful old building and is still in use for special events including Choral presentations. The acoustics are still excellent.

Street Banner 
Passion of Christ Banner

Holy Ghost Lutheran Church

A street banner announces that though Holy Ghost Luthern Church may have it’s roots in the past, it’s offerings and programs relate to the present.


Holy Ghost Lutheran Church

  From St. Mary’s we continue east on San Antonio St. After crossing Adams St. we begin to see buildings of the Holy Ghost Lutheran Church complex on the south side of the block.The main Holy Ghost Church building was constructed in 1852  

Bethany Luthern Church

Bethany Lutheran Church

 From Holy Ghost Luthern Church, we head back east to Adams Street. Turn right on Adams and continue walking north to Austin Street. Walk left on Austin Street and you will see the Bethany Lutheran Church complex on the north side of the street. Marketplatz is located directly across the street. Bethany was organized and established in 1887 and had buildings at other locations. The current building was built in 1954 on this site.  
  Churches of Other Denominations
For a list of Churches on the Fredericksburg Chamber of Commerce site click here.
I am not a  historian, however, the way I understand it the earliest German settlers were predominately Catholic or Lutheran. This accounts for the fact that the churches located in the Fredericksburg Historic District are mainly Lutheran or Catholic.  There is one additional church, the Fredericksburg Bible Church which meets in a historic church building on East Austin Street. This building has housed Churches of different denominations over the years. I have included pictures of some of these Churches. Unfortunately they are not in walking distance, but what a great opportunity for you to come and explore on your own! Please know that my list is not all inclusive and that I would suggest that if you are interested in a particular church or denomination, call me and I will be happy to see what information I can dig up for you. Most of the Churches will have websites giving detailed information on their programs.

Sunya and I hope you have enjoyed our walk and likewise hope that this hike may have perked your interest in Fredericksburg.  Please know that the agents of CENTURY 21 Sunset, Realtors stand ready to answer your questions about our beautiful town and also know that we are anxious to have you come down and listen to our beautiful Church Bells as they knoll the end of parting day.  And, in spite of the drought, you may see a Bluebonnet or two.

So long for now.  Sunya and I are looking forward to our next visit.



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