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By: Lynne Renaud     


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By Nancy DoyleNancy Doyle, Sales Associate

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 When I think of the architecture of Fredericksburg, I think of it in the true sense of the whole form.    The construction and design of the buildings in Fredericksburg takes into consideration the natural beauty of the Hill Country landscape.

Your first drive into Fredericksburg’s Main Street pretty much puts into motion all the above principals starting with planning design.  Many of the streets are wider than in most cities.  Fredericksburg’s Main Street is exceptionally wide because it was originally designed so the oxen wagon could do a U-turn and not have to back up.   

Pictured here is the Craftsman style home, one of the popular forms of architecture in early Fredericksburg.  A bungalow dwelling is a style developed from a form of rural housing. 

Craftsman style home

Craftsman style home

Typically the Craftsman home is one story, few rooms, a maximum of cross drafts with high ceilings, unusually large windows and door openings.  Also, they include verandas on all sides to shade the rooms from the intense light and heat.

I look forward to sharing some more forms of Fredericksburg architecture in later Blogs.

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Alpacas – now in Fredericksburg

Lynne Renaud, Sales Associate

Lynne Renaud, Sales Associate

Alpacas are making their presence known around Fredericksburg. 

The graceful herds originated in the South American Andes Mountains where their fleece was prized as “Fiber of the Gods”.  After a period of decline in the 17th century, the most hardy of the herds survived in the high altitude and harsh landscape of the Andes.  The resulting bloodlines produced hardy, agile animals with dense, high quality fiver.  The Alpacas were introduced to America and Canada in 1984 and immediately became a beloved part of the North American landscape.
Alpaca facts: 

a. Camelid familyHair, what hair

                        b. Three stomachs (similar to the ruminant with 4 stomachs)

                              c.  Selective grazers eating pasture grasses and hay

d. Chew their cud similar to a cow.

e. Two types: Huacaya, and Suri.

f. Soft padded feet and no top teeth.

g. Average height: 36″

h. Average weight from 100-175 pounds.

i. Alpacas have a life span of about 15 – 20 years. 

j. They provide fleece for a lifetime and the fleece comes in 22 colors that are recognized ty the textile industry.

k. They provide 5 – 10 pounds of soft, warm fiver that is turned into the most luxurious garments in the world.




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