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by Jack Arnold, Broker, Century 21 Sunset, Realtors

  Today Sunya and I will take you for the promised trip to Enchanted Rock.  This is Sunya’s favorite place so she is excited.  From Century 21 Sunset, Realtors we turn right on Milam Street (which is FM 965) we head north for about 16 miles.     (see photo #1)

   At about 15 miles out we climb some hills, round a corner and encounter the sweeping countryside with Enchanted Rock spread before you.  Wow, what a sight!  (see photo #2)

   About a mile down the road is the Park Entrance on the left.  (see photo #3)

   Sunya is ready and waiting.  The trail to the summit leads upward through the jumble of rocks in the background.  (see photo #4)

   Turkey Peak is visible on the right as we climb.  (see photo #5)

   We are about 2/3 the way to the summit.  Need to get my breath.  Sunya waits on a rock.  She is the same color as the granite.  You can see the breeze blowing her ear.  It is after 7:00 pm.  The sun is still well above the horizon, but it is cooling off after a hot day.   (see photo #6)

   The dome is constantly changing through a process call “geological exfoliation”.   The rock peels off in layers.    (see photo #7)

   The process leaves visible layers and huge boulders.  (see photo #8)

   We are at the top.  You have views in all directions.  The surprise is that the top is covered with “gnammas” or “weathering pits”.   (see photo #9)

   These weathering pits fill with soil and fill with water when it rains.  The result is colorful lichens, grasses, flowers and even trees.  In this picture a yellow lichen edges the garden which nature maintains.  (see photo #10)

   This is a small gnamma.  It looks as if it was professionally designed.  (see photo #11)

   Here are some gnammas in early stage of development.  When it rains all of these fill and many will hold water for several weeks.  During this time the eggs of a brine shrimp will hatch, and they can be observed in the pools with tadpoles and other microscopic insects.  (see photo #12)

    I forgot to tell you.  Your trip was planned to watch the sunset from the top.  So here it is in all its glory.  As scheduled!  (see photo #13)

   Enchanted Rock is a hard place to leave.  And it is a particularly enchanting place to watch the world get covered in darkness.  But Sunya and I took one more look over our shoulder at the “cloud” show in the sky, then made our way to reality and our car.  We were back home, tired but happy.  We hope you enjoyed your visit, and now if not tired are at least happy.  (see photo #14)

   If you would like additional information on Enchanted Rock, google “Enchanted Rock, Texas”.  You will find a number of sources of information, but I recommend the website entitled: E-rock, A Virtual Field Trip.  We hope this excites you enough to come to Fredericksburg, Texas to see for yourself.  And while you are here, come by and see us.  Any of our agents can help you find other places to visit, to eat, to stay and can even help you find the home of your dreams in this “little piece of paradise”, Fredericksburg, Texas.


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