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Springtime is Now on the Willow City Loop!


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Springtime is Now on the Willow City Loop


Join me on a wildflower drive.  It is April 5th.  The weather is perfect.  Plenty of rain during fall and winter promise a bountiful display of bluebonnets, pinks, yellow buttercups and “who knows what else”.  So ease yourself into the car and lets get started.  


Assorted Wildflowers       

The Willow City Loop is well known for its springtime beauty.  The loop leaves Hwy 16 about 16 miles north of Fredericksburg.              


Willow City Loop Rd. Sign         








After a few miles we come to the old Willow City School.  No longer in use but if you listen you can hear the sounds of “children at play” still echoing from the past.We pass the Willow City Fire Station and turn left at the Willow City Loop sign.  (If we were hungry we could have turned right and stopped at Harry’s for a hamburger).        

Willow City School         

After a few miles on the loop we drop down into a rugged valley with bluebonnets lining the narrow road.



Willow City Loop Road


Bluebonnet Field         








Red Granite rocks offer a rugged contrast to the delicate beauty of the flowers.       

 Bluebonnets and Stream     

Bluebonnets and Rocks








Laughing streams cross and recross the road.  Their clear and placid pools reflect the red sand banks and bluebonnets.   




These are a few of the wildflowers you have seen.  Make a copy for your scrapbook.        









Have you enjoyed your cyberspace drive?  You will enjoy it even more in person.  Come see us.  The bluebonnets should be good for at least 2 more weeks.              

 Come see me! 


Jack Arnold and Sunya





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