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Pacific Combat Living History — World War II Re-enactments

Three Shows Saturday and Sunday

Volunteer Living History re-enactors will present three shows each day earlier in the weekend, Saturday and Sunday.  The 75-minute shows begin each day at 10:30 AM, 1 PM and 3:30 PM at the Pacific Combat Zone on East Austin at Elk Streets, located two blocks east of the Museum.  Visitors will learn about the American and Japanese forces as they prepared for battle on a Pacific island.  Weapons will be discussed and demonstrated.  All of these weapons will be used in a final attack on the Japanese-held island.  Attendees will feel the rumble of a Sherman tank as it moves past the audience and onto the battle field.  The only operational WWII flame-thrower in Texas is used in the final assault.

Appropriate for the entire family, admission is $5 for adults and $3 for children over six years of age.  Tickets are available at the Pacific Combat Zone before each program or in advance at the Admiral Nimitz Museum or at the George H.W. Bush Gallery. 

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US Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison and Texas Land Commission Jerry Patterson to Speak Memorial Day
Monday at 10 AM

Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison and Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson will speak at the Memorial Day Observance at the National Museum of the Pacific War in Fredericksburg.  The senior Senator from Texas will be offering welcoming remarks and the Commissioner will be making the keynote address.  The ceremony begins at 10 AM Monday, May 31st in the Memorial Courtyard of the Museum at 311 E. Austin Street. 

Senator Hutchison was elected to the US Senate in 1993 in a special election, the first — and to date the only — woman elected to represent the state in the Senate.  She has been re-elected three times. She is the Ranking Member of the Senate Commerce Committee and serves on the Appropriations Committee.  She is the former Chairman and now Ranking Member on the Appropriations Subcommittee on Military Construction and Veterans Affairs.  The Senator grew up in La Marque, Texas and graduated from the University of Texas and the UT Law School.  Prior to her election to the Senate, she was a member of the Texas House of Representatives and was elected state Treasurer in 1990.

Commissioner Patterson is a native of Houston, a Texas A&M graduate and a Marine, retiring as a Lt. Colonel in 1993.  He was a pilot in Vietnam.  Five consecutive generations of Patterson’s family have served our nation in time of war.  His son, a Marine attack helicopter pilot, recently returned from his second tour of duty in Iraq. 

Patterson is only the second Republican to serve as Land Commissioner since Reconstruction, a post he has held since 2003.  Prior to this, he represented the Houston area in the Texas Senate.  He chaired the first Veterans Affairs Committee in the Senate where his legislation created the state Veterans Home Program.

Established in 1836, the Texas General Land Office is the oldest state agency.  As Land Commissioner, Patterson is primarily responsible for the management of 13 million acres of state mineral, surface and submerged lands for the benefit of the Permanent School Fund.  The Land Office also acts as the steward of the Texas Coast, provides benefits for Texas veterans and protects the historic documents in the Land Office Archives.

Upon the Conclusion of the Memorial Day ceremonies, more than 50 commemorative wreaths will be place at various plaques that are lining the limestone walls of the Courtyard.  Each will be placed in honor and remembrance of a unit,  ship or individual who served in World War II.  Honoring those who have paid the supreme price in the current War on Terrorism will be Mrs. Lorna Eckhardt.  She will place a wreath in honor of her son, Christopher “Chris” Staats, a native of Fredericksburg, who was killed by an IED in Afghanistan on October 16, 2009.  At the time he was serving with the National Guard on a farm imitative program assisting the Afghan people.

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Crawfish Festival this Friday and Saturday in Fredericksburg

     It’s time to let the good times roll – it’s time for the annual Crawfish Festival starting this Friday, May 28 at 6:00 p.m. (through midnight) at the Fredericksburg Marktplatz at the 100 block of W. Main St., and Saturday, from 11:00 a.m. until midnight.  Musical entertainment on Friday night will be by Jake Hooker and by Eleven Hundred Springs on Saturday night.  There’ll be plenty to eat, New Orleans-style, like red beans and rice, crawfish, hamburgers, along with German sausage!  Admission is $6 for adults, $1 children age 12 and younger.  Two-day passes are $10.  And on Saturday after 8:00 p.m., tickets are $10 for adults.  For more information, call 830-997-8515 or visit .

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Three Steps To Home Inspection Zen

For many prospective home sellers, going through the process of a home inspection can be a painful process that entails letting a stranger into the home to judge every nook and cranny. As the biggest and most prized possession of most consumers, having the home inspected in this way is a bit like having the inner sanctum of your life on display. Inspections certainly do not have to be like this.

By maintaining an even perspective and keeping in mind three core tenets, you can keep your home inspection process easy and calm. As with most business transactions, getting yourself to view the transaction as someone from the outside might can be difficult, but will ultimately take a lot of the stress out of the situation.

Keep Your Feelings Grounded In Reality

Everyone wants to think that they have the best home on the block, a spotless testament to a diligent work ethic and family prosperity. As homes age, the reality is that they will develop problems here and there that a home inspector is trained to uncover. These problems are certainly not your fault as time has all it needs to damage a foundation or roof all on its own.No matter how great a condition your home is in, the very nature of a home inspection is to uncover issues that a prospective buyer might have a problem with, so prepare for that eventuality. These problems are no reflection on your care of the home but more its initial construction and degradation over time, two things you have nothing to do with. This is just another step in a real estate transaction and preparing for a few issues here and there will greatly reduce your stress.

Emotions Are Great, Just Not For Inspections

After living in a particular piece of real estate for a long time, there will always be memories and emotions tied to that property. As a seller, you have chosen to move on from those emotions and memories, committing to create new memories in a new property. Keep this in mind as a home inspector goes through your home and comes back with problems or issues.

You might have done a lot of work on a furnace, for example, and remember fondly the day that you got it working again in top shape. If an inspector comes back after looking at the furnace and declares that you need a new one to pass inspection, don’t let anger be your first response. No matter what energy and time you’ve put in to a home, there will always be factors outside of your control, like aging issues and local regulations, which dictate an inspector’s actions.

Put Yourself In A Buyer’s Shoes

Above all, imagine that you are stepping into your home for the first time, looking at it with a critical eye to determine whether you’d want to live there and what you’d fix if you did. This is the kind of mentality a buyer is bringing to your real estate transaction and the inspector will help them bring to light just the kind of property they are purchasing.

Don’t begrudge a buyer of this step as you are going to go through it on your new home purchase and wouldn’t have it any other way. Each point brought up on the inspection is a point brought up to protect the buyer and provide as much information as possible, two things you would love to benefit from on your own home purchase.

Having your home picked apart by a home inspector will most likely never be a heart-warming experience, but taking these three tenets to heart will help you get through the situation with class. Real estate transactions represent an important transition period and getting through a simple and easy inspection will only easy that transition for both you and your prospective real estate buyer.

This is another original article by Joe Lane, co-owner of  Kennewick WA Real Estate“. Are you looking for an experienced  Tri City WA Real Estate agency? With 20 years of service based, business experience, Joe and Colleen Lane work hard to serve home buyers and sellers for the Tri Cities of Washington’s Kennewick, Richland, Pasco, and surrounding areas.

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Military Blood Drive to be held in Fredericksburg on May 26-27

    Make plans now to participate in the Fredericksburg area Military Blood Drive to be held on Wednesday, May 26 and Thursday, May 27 from 10:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. at the Fredericksburg Post Office at 1150 N. U.S. Hwy 87.  The drive will also be in support of local National Guard Unit (E Co., 536th Brigade Support Battalion) – currently deployed to Iraq. 

Did you know that if the military runs short of blood, they have to purchase it at retail rates? Remember one donation can save up to three lives.  Homemade cookies will be served and participants will receive a great military blood donor T-shirt. 

You must be at least 17 with parental consent, or older.  Walk- ins are welcomed but if you want to schedule a specific time to donate, include the 78624 zip code under ‘Sponsor Code’ when you log on to  .      
     For information, contact Bobby Sagebiel at 830-990-6986 or via e- mail at .
     If you cannot donate blood, but still want to participate, consider donating durable goods at the post office to send to our troops in Iraq. For more information about this or what can be shipped, call Molly Sagebiel 830-997-7797; and for a list of needed items, go to .

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It’s Peach Season!

Fresh Peaches

     Great news!  Gillespie County peaches are ripe and ready to go – in your cobblers, your lunch bags, and tummies!  Look for roadside peach stands to start popping up along roadways throughout this beautiful county, a.k.a. peach central.
      This from Vogel Orchard:  Along with peaches, seasonal items available from this grower include plums, blackberries (including pick- your-own), tomatoes, watermelons, squash, and cantaloupe.  In addition, cobblers, ice cream, preserves, jellies and more!  Stop by the roadside market at 12862 E. US Hwy 290 (12 miles east of Fredericksburg); open daily from 8:30 a.m. until 6:00 p.m.  For more information, visit .

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Economic Data: Week May 10, 2010

By Tony Stevenson/SWBC Mortgage

It’s all Greek to me!  That’s what investors first thought last week when the DOW plunged almost 1000 points and then regained traction.  What happens overseas, has its effects here  in the U.S.  The European financials are beginning  to shake in their own boots regarding current economic  conditions as concerns remain for Portugal, Spain, and Italy.  Now they are in the works with a Trillion dollar  bail-out for the European markets.  However, now we are being told the ‘1000’ point drop  was a kind of computer glitch or some sort of automated trading scenario that caused all the turmoil.  Already,  our  government is looking into regulatory actions and how this  problem could have been avoided.  The Senate is taking financial reform to the next level too this week even as Goldman Sachs seeks to improve its own reputation with a huge P.R. campaign.

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As of May 7, 2010

Program                Rate     Discount Points      APR

30 Year Fixed       4.875               .38             5.10

                              4.625               2.0             4.99

15 Year Fixed       4.375               0                4.70

                              4.25                 .50             4.65

TX Home Equity   5.25                 1.0             5.53   

         30 Year Fixed                                                      

FHA 30 Year        5.25                 0                5.45

Jumbo 3/1 ARM   3.95                 0                4.12

Interest Only Loans & Manufactured Home Loans

Rates are based on 730 credit score & 80% LTV (except FHA).  Rates may vary according to borrower’s qualifications and are subject to change. 









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Pioneer Museum honors Founders Day this Saturday with ceremony, historic cemetery tour, and free museum admission

     A wreath laying ceremony honoring John O. Meusebach and the founding families of Fredericksburg will be held this Saturday, May 8 at 10:00 a.m. at the Vereins Kirche at the Marktplatz, located on the 100 block of W. Main St.  At 11:00 a.m., local historian Glen Treibs will give a cemetery tour at Der Stadt Friedhof, followed that day with a living history exhibit at the Pioneer Museum at 325 W. Main St., along with other activities throughout the day.  Admission to the museum this Saturday will be free in celebration of Founders Day.  For information, call 830-997-2835. To learn more about the museum visit .

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The Bats are back!

      Now through October, the over two million Mexican free-tail bats that inhabit the Old Tunnel Wildlife Management Area (Bat Tunnel) on Old San Antonio Rd. in Fredericksburg can be viewed evenings around sunset as they emerge from the tunnel on their nightly hunts.  There’s no charge to view the bats; however, on Thursday through Sunday evenings, the trail to the lower viewing area will only be open to those visitors who pay admission.  For information, call 1-866-978-2287 or log on to .

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