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Military with Flags

Last Saturday I drove to Kerrville with my cousin, and as we drove into town we saw American flags lining  the highway with people just standing around.  We didn’t know what was all about – was it a parade or was it another young soldier who had lost their life fighting for our freedom?

As it happened it was a young Marine from Kerrville who had been killed in Afghanistan.  A few hours later as we were leaving there were large crowds of people, young and old, holding flags, wearing red, white and blue solemnly standing along the roadside waiting for the funeral procession to drive by.

It reminded us of our own dear young men, Phillip Neel and Chris Staats who were killed while fighting in a country far away.  It also reminded us of why our country is so great when people can show their patriotism and respect without fear of being tortured or jailed.

 We take the freedoms we enjoy for granted and go about our everyday life not worrying about if there is a bomb on the road in front of us or if the person walking toward us is a suicide bomber. 

 On Memorial Day we remembered the ones who had fought and died so we could enjoy our family and friends.  On Veterans Day we will thank the veterans who fought for our country – some who were never thanked for the time they spent away from their family to defend our freedoms. 

 Let’s never forget the sacrifices these men and women made as we enjoy summer activities with our family and friends. 

 Karen Oestreich

June 9, 2010 - Posted by | Uncategorized

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