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Crape Myrtles Beautify Fredericksburg

By Karen Oestreich

    Have you noticed how gorgeous the Crape Myrtles are this year?    During Fredericksburg’s  150th Anniversary celebration in May of 1996 the committee decided to do a beautification project.  My mother, the late Erna Dietel Heinen, and Peggy Metzger’s mother, the late Audrey Schuch were the chairmen.

               They decided they wanted to make Fredericksburg the Crape Myrtle Capital of Texas.  They had a very successful sale of Crape Myrtles, and our community has benefited from their foresight.

               If you drive down most any street in Fredericksburg you will see stunning “Meusebach Red”, Pink and Lavender blooms.   The towering trees with their magnificent colors adorn so many yards and line streets and businesses.  You will also see picturesque shrubs blooming.

If you want to plant some Crape Myrtles this is a suggestion for beautiful blooming flowers.   For strong growth and abundant flowering, plant crape myrtle in full sun. Heavy shade will reduce growth and flowering and will increase disease problems such as sooty mold on the foliage and powdery mildew on the flower buds and young growth. Large shade trees will also compete with the crape myrtle for moisture, causing poor growth and flowering. Lack of sunlight and moisture are the common causes of poor growth and flowering.


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