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Punt, Pass & Kick! at FHS!


Sunday, September 12th, 2pm
The local competition of the NFL Punt, Pass & Kick will be held at the FHS Football Stadium.The competition is open to all boys and girls ages 6 to 15, and is conducted by the Optimist Club of Fredericksburg. There is no charge to compete. All participants need to bring a photo copy of their birth certificate, and must wear gym shoes (no cleats).

Ribbons for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place for both boys and girls in each division will be presented the day of the competition. In addition. The Optimist Club will present a trophy to the 1st and 2nd place competitors on the football field prior to a Fredericksburg Battlin Billie Varsity home game. The 1st place finisher in each age group will advance to sectional competition, which will be held in October in San Antonio. All participants will receive a certificate from the NFL, signed by Commissioner Roger Goodell.


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Herman Lehmann Capture

Herman Lehmann

Augusta Adams Lehmann Buchmeier

Recently John Kuker had the privilege of visiting Esther Lehmann in her home and seeing many of the artifacts from her uncle, Hermann.  Below is his history.


Texas Ranger who tried to find Lehmann and bring him home

Lehmann was born near Mason, Texas, on June 5, 1859, to German immigrants Moritz and Auguste Lehmann. The family later settled on an isolated farm four miles southwest of Loyal Valley. On May 16, 1870, a raiding party of eight to ten Apaches (probably Lipans) captured Herman, who was almost eleven, and his eight-year-old brother, Willie, while they were in the fields at their mothers request to scare the bird from the wheat. Their two sisters escaped without injury. Four days later, the Apache raiding party encountered a patrol of ten African-American cavalrymen led by Sgt. Emanuel Stance, who had been sent from Fort McKavett to recover the two Lehmann boys. In the short battle that followed, Willie Lehmann was able to escape, but the Apaches fled with Herman. Sergeant Stance became the first black regular to receive a Medal of Honor for his bravery on this mission.

Life with the Apaches

The Apaches took Herman Lehmann to their village in eastern New Mexico. He was adopted by a man named Carnoviste and his wife, Laughing Eyes. The Apaches called Herman “En Da” (White Boy). He spent about six years with them and became assimilated into their culture, rising to the position of petty chief. As a young warrior, one of his most memorable battles was a running fight with the Texas Rangers on August 24, 1875, which took place on the Concho Plains about 65 miles west of the site of San Angelo, Texas. Ranger James Gillett nearly shot Herman before he realized he was a white “captive”. When the Rangers tried to find Herman later, he escaped by

Esther Lehmann with shotgun and arrows

crawling through the grass. [1]

Asylum with the Comanches

Around the spring of 1876, Herman Lehmann killed an Apache medicine man avenging his killing of Carnoviste, his chief and master. Fearing revenge, he fled from the Apaches and spent a year alone in hiding. He became lonely and decided to search for a Comanche tribe that he might join. He observed a tribe all day long then entered the camp just after dark. At first they were going to kill him, however, a young warrior approached him that spoke the Apache tongue. Herman then explained his situation. That he was born white adopted by the Indians

Close up of Arrowheads and scraper

and that he left the Apaches after killing the medicine man. Another brave came forward verifying his story and he was welcomed to stay. He joined the Comanches who gave him a new name, Montechema (meaning unknown). [2]

In the spring of 1877, Herman and the Comanches attacked buffalo hunters on the high plains of Texas. Herman was wounded by hunters in a surprise attack on the Indian camp at Yellow House Canyon (present-day Lubbock, Texas) on March 18, 1877, the last major fight between Indians and non-Indians in Texas (see also Buffalo Hunters’ War).

Notice the woven sinew

In July 1877, Comanche chief Quanah Parker, who had successfully negotiated the surrender of the last fighting Comanches in 1875, was sent in search of the renegades. Herman Lehmann was among the group that Quanah found camped on the Pecos River in eastern New Mexico. Quanah persuaded them to quit fighting and come to the Indian reservation near Fort Sill, Indian Territory in (present-day Oklahoma). Herman refused to go to the reservation, however, he later followed at Quanah’s request.

Return and adjustment

close up of shotgun

John Kuker with shotgun

Herman Lehmann lived with Quanah Parker’s family on the Kiowa-Comanche reservation in 1877-78. Several people took notice of the white boy living among the Indians. However, Herman’s mother never gave up believing that she would one day see her son again. She questioned Colonel Mackenzie, the commanding officer of Fort Sill, whether there were any blue eyed boys on the reservation? He said yes, however, the description led them to believe that this was not her boy. Nevertheless, she requested for the boy to be brought to her. [3]

In April 1878, Lt. Col. John W. Davidson ordered that Herman be sent under guard to his family in Texas. Five soldiers and a driver, escorted Herman on a four-mule-drawn ambulance to Loyal Valley in Mason County, Texas. Herman arrived in Loyal Valley with an escort of soldiers on May 12, 1878, eight years after his capture. The people of Loyal Valley gathered to see the captive boy brought home. Upon his arrival, neither he nor his mother recognized one another. Herman had long believed his family dead, for the Apache had shown him proof during his time of transition to their way of life. It was his sister who found a scar on his arm, which had been caused by her when they were playing with a hatchet. His family surrounded him welcoming him home and the distant memories began to come back. Hearing someone repeat “Herman”, he thought that sounded familiar and then realized it was his own name. [4]

At first, he was sullen and wanted nothing to do with his mother and siblings. As he put it, “I was an Indian, and I did not like them because


they were palefaces.”

His readjustment to his original culture was slow and painful. [5] His first marriage failed. They were a newly married couple living in the inn with Herman’s mother and stepfather. Herman complained of his wife flirting with male guests so they rented a house across the street. She later attended a neighborhood dance while he was away on a freighting trip. On finding out, Herman left and went back to the Indians. Several months later when he returned unannounced, he found Mrs. Lehmann in the company of another man. He escorted her home and filed for divorce.

On May 4, 1896 Herman married Fannie Light of Loyal Valley. They left Texas and moved back to Indian Territory in 1900 to be close to his Apache and Comanche friends. In 1908, after eight years of legal wrangling, the federal government granted him an allotment of land as an adopted Comanche through a special act of Congress. Herman and Fannie had 2 sons, Henry & John, and 3 daughters, Amelia, May, and Caroline. His wife and children dealt with his emotional scars from his years of captivity. In 1926, Herman left one day without a word. He moved back to Loyal Valley to live out the rest of his life with his brother Willie.

Herman Lehmann’s first memoir, written with the assistance of Jonathan H. Jones, was published in 1899 under the titleA Condensed History of the Apache and Comanche Indian Tribes for Amusement and General Knowledge (also known as Indianology). Herman hated this book for he felt Jonathan had taken liberty to fluff it up a bit.

Throughout his life, Herman Lehmann drifted between two very different cultures. Herman was a very popular figure in southwestern Oklahoma and the Texas Hill Country, appearing at county fairs and rodeos. To thrill audiences, he would chase a calf around an arena, kill it with arrows, jump off his horse, cut out the calf’s liver, and eat it raw.

His second autobiography, Nine Years Among the Indians (1927, edited by J. Marvin Hunter) was at the request of Herman. He requested that this time the book be written just as he told it. It is one of the finest captivity narratives in American literature, according to J. Frank Dobie.

Herman Lehmann’s story also inspired Mason County native Fred Gipson’s novel Savage Sam, a sequel to Old Yeller.

Herman Lehmann was ill for many years. The exact cause of his death is unknown. As per his niece Ester Lehmann (9/4/2007), she believes it could have been cancer. Herman died on February 2, 1932, in Loyal Valley, Mason County, Texas, where he is buried next to his mother and stepfather in the cemetery next to the old Loyal Valley one room school house.


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FTC’s Production of The Diary of Anne Frank and exhibit

The Play — The Diary of Anne Frank
The Fredericksburg Theater Company will present the stage adaptation of the book The Diary of a Young Girl – based on real-life Holocaust victim Anne Frank’s diary.  This is a touching and memorable story about this young girl’s remarkable spirit, and the play will run at the Steve W. Shepherd Theater at 1668 Hwy 87 S. in Fredericksburg from September 10-26.  Show times are Friday and Saturday at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday at 2:00 p.m. See website for admission pricing.  There will be no performance on Friday, September 17 in honor of Yom Kippur.  An alternate performance will be held on Thursday, September 23. 

Our own agent, Robert Menking is playing the part of the father.  We are very proud of him.  He is also president of the Fredericksburg Theatre company.
The Exhibit — Anne Frank: A History of Today—starts Friday
The life history of Anne Frank and her family will be featured for a limited time in an exhibit developed by the Anne Frank House and sponsored in North America by The Anne Frank Center, USA.  The exhibit includes photographs of the Frank family and other occupants of the Secret Annex; depicting the circumstances of an intolerable time. On display in the lobby of the Steve W. Shepherd Theater, the exhibit will be open daily beginning this Friday, September 3 through September 26.  Admission is $5 for adults and $1 for youths age 18 and younger, or free for play ticket holders. 
For information, call 830-997-3588 / 888-669-7114 or log on to .

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New Christmas & Holiday Guide 2010 available

     Get a handy, one-stop handle on all the fun happenings this Christmas holiday season in Fredericksburg and Gillespie County with the new Christmas & Holiday Guide 2010 from the Fredericksburg Convention and Visitor Guide.  For a free copy, stop by the Visitor Information Center (VIC) at 302 E. Austin St.

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Gillespie County Fair is Here!!!

by Karen Oestreich

Friday is the real start of the fair although the Carnival is open Thursday evening.  The parade starts off at 10:00 sharp and all the floats and riders are gathered behind the Gillespie County Courthouse.  When I was young that was an exciting time – waiting for the parade to begin – especially ifI could ride on a float.  Now I would rather watch, cheer and clap for the floats and bands as they come by.

Seeing the Produce at the Fair

Friday afternoon and evening the Fair is free to school children and “senior” adults!  It’s a great time to visit because many people come home no matter where they live now to visit the Fair.   Those that don’t live here anymore bring their families and share the memories they had as children.  For those of us that live here it’s a great place to watch as our children and grandchildren enjoy the rides we did in our youth.

Of course, visiting the Exhibition Hall is a must!  The exhibits are always fun to see who won and who brought the quilt they worked so hard on this summer or the jam or pickles they made.  Dwight’s grandfather, Lee Holland, always brought watermelon to show and usually won grand prize.  This is what makes it truly a county fair.  How wonderful that people still care enough to bring their products to show.

Then you have the exciting horse races and naturally, the carnival rides are what every youngster looks forward to.  There is nothing more exciting than to ride the Ferris Wheel with your sweetheart when all the stars are shining and the moon is bright.  Then if you’re a teenager you have to see how many times you can ride the Zipper before you get sick!  Naturally, it doesn’t matter what age your children are you take them to the carnival and at least ride the Hobby Horse with them.

Hobby Horse at the Fair

Moms and Dads, Grandmothers and Grandfathers walk around visiting with friends and watch their children devour the cotton candy and play the carnival games.  It’s really thrilling to win one of the stuffed animals. 

Then you have the music, the Queen’s contest and the food!  What more could you ask for?  See you at the Fair!

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Pfc. Benjamen Glen Chisholm killed in Afghanistan

Pfc. Benjamen Glen Chisholm 24, of Ft. Campbell, Kentucky assigned to the 1st Battalion, 327th infantry Regiment, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) died August 17th in Kunar province, Afghanistan of wounds sustained when an improvised explosive device caused a military vehicle roll-over.

Pfc. Benjamen G. Chisholm is survived by his wife: Specialist Amber Ferguson Chisholm of Willow Springs, Missouri Mother: Linda Reynolds and Skip Doerr of Fredericksburg Father: Glenn and Lynn Chisholm of Oregon Step Father: James David Breuel of Lewisville, Texas Grandparents: Annie A. Reynolds of Utah Fern Hiatt of Oregon Mother and Father in law: Oscar and Davina Ferguson of Willow Springs, Missouri Seven Sisters, Three Brothers: Alyssa Breuel of Lewisville, Texas Tammy Breuel of Fredericksburg Megan Doerr of Fredericksburg Tami Rose of Oregon Tiffany Merrill of Oregon Stacy Humphreys of Oregon Alexis Chisholm of Oregon Jay Breuel of Fredericksburg Scott Doerr of Fredericksburg Tracy Humphreys of Oregon Numerous Aunts, Uncles, Nieces, Nephews, Cousins and friends

The body will lie in state in the chapel of the Schaetter Funeral Home, Fredericksburg until 9:45 A.M. on Wednesday, August 25th with Funeral Services at 10:00 A.M. in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Fredericksburg.

Graveside services and interment will follow in the Garden of Memories Cemetery, Kerrville, Texas with full military honors.

For those who so desire you may make memorial contributions in his memory to the Rocky Top Therapy Center, P.O. Box 531, Keller, Texas 76244, or to the charity of your choice.

Visitation for Pfc. Benjamen G. Chisholm will be held on Tuesday, August 24th from 4:00 till 8:00 P.M. in the chapel of the Schaetter Funeral Home, Fredericksburg.

Our sympathy to the family.

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Economic News Week: August 23, 2010

By Tony Stevenson/SWBC Mortgage

This is the tale end of earning reports as our economy keeps sputtering along.  General Motors is set to release its IPO after announcing its profits report.  Congress is drawing battle lines relating to a number of measures, including the Bush tax cut expirations.  Industrial production jumped 1% in July, double the 0.5 percent growth forecast by economists.  Another sign that we are not headed towards a double dip recession.  “We’re anemic; we’re slow; we’re crawling, but we’re not going backward (the economy) , said Peter Bible, a partner at EisenrAmper.

Lets talk foreclosure.  Realty Trac’s most recent national foreclosure report said that in July, 1 in every 397 U.S. homes received foreclosure notices.  While in Texas the foreclosure rate was 1 out of 819 homes. Less than half of the national average.  Foreclosures are never a good thing however, buyers of foreclosed homes do have the advantage over sellers-inventory!  Especially now, as some sellers are likely to lower prices due to the foreclosure rate and what it can do to the housing market when it comes to appraisals. Either sellers need to price it ‘right’ now or take it off the market and wait for the market to improve.  One positive note is that folks who bought houses in recent years appear to be faring better and not likely to enter the foreclosure  arena.  All this in a article in the S.A. Express News this past  Saturday.

Freddie Mac says the average rate for 30 year fixed loans was 4.42%, down from 4.44% last week. As mortgage rates hit bottom, homeowners got busy and applied for refinances. Refi activity last week was at its highest level since My 2009, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association.  About 81% of  mortgage applications were for refinances, the MBA said.  In a statement made to, Jeff Lazerson, president of Mortgage Grader, a brokerage based in California, says, his advice to would-be refinancers is: “Do not wait. Do not get complacent, thinking that low rates are going to be around forever, because they can change at any point.”  I would also add, that would-be homebuyers seeking a mortgage should not wait either.  Now is the time to buy and get the best mortgage rates available not seen since the 1950’s.

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Fredericksburg Music Club announces its 2010- 2011 Season

     Classical music lovers, i.e., melomaniacs, take note:  the Fredericksburg Music Club will open its 2010-2011 season with eight concerts planned throughout the upcoming year.  What began in 1937 with a home-based group of musicians has expanded and today consists of musicians and benefactors who bring acclaimed musicians to Fredericksburg to perform in free concerts for the public to enjoy. Concerts are typically held at the Fredericksburg United Methodist Church, located at 1800 N. Llano St.  The first concert of the season will be held Sunday, September 12 and will feature concert pianist Haochen Zhang.  Watch here for more details or log on to

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Pari-Mutuel Horse Racing and Texas Wine in Fredericksburg this weekend

Horse Races

Horse Races

     The horses are running with live racing and pari-mutuel wagering at the Gillespie County Fairground’s class three track located on Hwy 16 South in Fredericksburg this Saturday, August 14 and Sunday, August 15. 

 While at the fairgrounds, experience Texas wines during the Wine Tasting and Art Show scheduled from 1:00-5:00 p.m.  Cost for the wine tasting will vary by taste, glass or bottle and pricing is set by the individual wineries that will set-up booths during the event. 

 In addition, members of the Fredericksburg Art Guild will display their works for sale, and a number of artists will be on hand to give demonstrations.  For details about this fun event, call 830-997-2359. For admission and a complete summer race schedule, visit .

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Economic News Week : August 9, 2010

By Tony Stevenson, SWBC Mortgage

The big news last week was the jobs report.  Put in perspective, instead of losing 500k jobs per month, as was the case when the recession was in high gear, we are adding private sector jobs-71k last month and an additional 30k the previous month.  We did lose those ‘census jobs’ but, who ever thought they would be permanent in the first place?   Instead of total unemployment rising as some negative economists were predicting, it actually stayed the same at 9.5% for the month.  Of the 18 industries surveyed by ISM, 13 reported growth in July as well.  Auto sales improved in July for most automakers-at least giving some a sigh of relief as consumers did increase spending on some big ticket items.   GM CEO Ed Whitacre Jr. is eager to shed the tag, ” Government Motors.”  Retail Sales did increase 2.8% for July compared to the same time last year- maybe  not by the numbers economists  would like to see but, it was an increase none the less.   It was reported too,  that households are borrowing less and saving more, lowering consumer spending. However, the $1.3 billion June drop in borrowing was much smaller  than the $5 billion decline that economists had expected. Finally, both sides of the aisle will be arguing over whether to keep the Bush tax cuts in place or other options.  Former Fed Chairman-Mr. Greenspan believes the tax cuts should be repealed. We will be watching how this plays out.

Locally, Texas is listed as one of five states that added manufacturing jobs in each of the first six months of 2010.  Nationally, the manufacturing sector has grown now for 12 straight months. I know I sound like a broken record but, our economy is jobs dependent and consumer dependent. Most economists are saying that our current economic situation is in one if its down times but, in no way is to be considered headed to a ‘double-dip’ recession.

On another positive note, “Texas home sales up 14% in 2Q”, was a recent headline.  The report stated that a new Texas Association of Realtors report released last Monday showed the  number of home sales was up statewide in the second quarter, but prices were unchanged.

“Texas chalks up another best for biz prize” was a headline for local Economist, M Ray Perryman’s column in the San Antonio Business Journal this past week.   In the study by CNBC, Texas received the most points out of 2500 and 31 points above last years  winner-Virginia.  America’s Top States for Business 2010 survey included points for workforce, quality of life, economy, transportation and infrastructure, technology and innovation, educations, business friendliness, and access to  capital. By amassing  more points than any other state for 2010, as well as the highest score in the history of the study, Texas’ strengths were appropriately recognized according to Mr Perryman.  Way to go Texas!

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