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Gillespie County Fair is Here!!!

by Karen Oestreich

Friday is the real start of the fair although the Carnival is open Thursday evening.  The parade starts off at 10:00 sharp and all the floats and riders are gathered behind the Gillespie County Courthouse.  When I was young that was an exciting time – waiting for the parade to begin – especially ifI could ride on a float.  Now I would rather watch, cheer and clap for the floats and bands as they come by.

Seeing the Produce at the Fair

Friday afternoon and evening the Fair is free to school children and “senior” adults!  It’s a great time to visit because many people come home no matter where they live now to visit the Fair.   Those that don’t live here anymore bring their families and share the memories they had as children.  For those of us that live here it’s a great place to watch as our children and grandchildren enjoy the rides we did in our youth.

Of course, visiting the Exhibition Hall is a must!  The exhibits are always fun to see who won and who brought the quilt they worked so hard on this summer or the jam or pickles they made.  Dwight’s grandfather, Lee Holland, always brought watermelon to show and usually won grand prize.  This is what makes it truly a county fair.  How wonderful that people still care enough to bring their products to show.

Then you have the exciting horse races and naturally, the carnival rides are what every youngster looks forward to.  There is nothing more exciting than to ride the Ferris Wheel with your sweetheart when all the stars are shining and the moon is bright.  Then if you’re a teenager you have to see how many times you can ride the Zipper before you get sick!  Naturally, it doesn’t matter what age your children are you take them to the carnival and at least ride the Hobby Horse with them.

Hobby Horse at the Fair

Moms and Dads, Grandmothers and Grandfathers walk around visiting with friends and watch their children devour the cotton candy and play the carnival games.  It’s really thrilling to win one of the stuffed animals. 

Then you have the music, the Queen’s contest and the food!  What more could you ask for?  See you at the Fair!


August 26, 2010 - Posted by | Fredericksburg TX

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