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Happenings During the Holidays

§  Eisbahn Ice Skating Rink – covered outdoor skating at Marktplatz through January 2 –

§  Christmas Miniature Show – Whistle Pik Galleries’ miniature art show showcasing 85 artists on display through January 15 –

§  Christmas at Rockbox Theater – Thursday through Sunday ‘Funtabulous’ holiday shows through December 26 (except Christmas Day) –

§  St. Nick’s Christmas Tree Farm – fresh choose-n-cut trees through this Wednesday, December 22 – 830-685-3412

§  Texas Hill Country Regional Christmas Lighting Trail– 11 towns, including Fredericksburg, showcasing holiday spirit with light displays through first week in January (each town varies) –


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Celebrate Zweite Weihnachten this Sunday

Celebrate the German way of having Christmas a second time when the Gillespie County Historical Society and the Fredericksburg German Club host a Zweite Weihnachten celebration this Sunday, December 26 from 2:00 – 4:00 p.m. Enjoy good food, drink, music and fellowship with friends at the Society Hall at 312 W. San Antonio St., in Fredericksburg. There’s no cost for admission. Also, please note that the Pioneer Museum will be closed this day due to the holidays. For information, call 830-997-2835.

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LBJ Tree Lighting Ceremony is Sunday

Following a tradition started 41 years ago by President and Mrs. Johnson, the public is invited to the annual Tree Lighting celebration at Lyndon B. Johnson State Park and Historic Site on Hwy 290 E. near Stonewall. Enjoy carolers, a live nativity scene, a visit by ‘Santa Claus’ and so much more beginning at 6:00 p.m. on Sunday, December 19. The park will be decorated for the holidays and a visit to the Sauer-Beckmann Living History Farm will help illustrate holiday life with traditional German life in another era. Take a self-guided tour of the park in the warmth and comfort of your own vehicle. The event is free and donations will be accepted. For information, call 830-644-2252 or visit

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Fredericksburg Chamber Decorating Contest Winners

Thanks so much to all of our participants who have Main Street glowing!

Best Storefront:

1st Place:Tea Rose Home

2nd Place: D’Vinely Designed

3rd Place: Something Different II

Honorable Mention: Rustic Star

 Best Christmas Tree:

Something Different II  

Community Parade

This year, our parade included almost 90 entires!  Thank you to all who joined in to create one of the biggest, best parades yet!

 And the winners are…

 Animal Entry: 1st Place: Stonewall Valley Ranch; 2nd Place: Tuptimplaces Llamas; 3rd Place: HCSPCA

Local Business: 1st Place: Luckenbach Texas; 2nd Place: Sunbelt Rentals; 3rd Place: Segner’s Jewelers

Local Organization: 1st Place: Hill Country Antique Tractor & Engine Club; 2nd Place: FBG Fire Dept.;

3rd Place: Hill Country University Center

Religious Organization: 1st Place: Holy Ghost Lutheran Church; 2nd Place: Victory Fellowship; 3rd Place: Bethany Preschool

Visiting Business: 1st Place: Classic Tractor Christmas; 2nd Place: Comfort Chamber of Commerce; 3rd Place: Kountry Kurl Salon

Visiting Organization: 1st Place: Blanco County Fair & Rodeo; 2nd Place: Medina County Fair;3rd Place: Devine Queen’s Court

Youth Entry: 1st Place: Boys & Girls Club of the Texas Hill Country;2nd Place: St. Mary’s Catholic School;

3rd Place: Heritage School~Eisbahn

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Top 10 Facebook Tips

June 20th, 2010 | Author: Amy Smythe Harris

1. Be genuine- Just be you….whatever that “you” is!! Sarcastic, witty, dry, drama-filled, quirky,silly … I want to know that when I meet you IRL, that you are the same person.

2. Don’t sell your business until I know you- the beautiful idea behind Facebook is to create an unlimited network of people. (up to 5000 friends on a profile page) Now, keep in mind, it is about getting to know people…Not touting about what you sell. Life today is more about relationship selling, so give me a chance to get to know you and if I’m interested in your business, then I know how to find you!

3. Know how people can find you on Facebook- An idea to build your friends on FB is to start asking people you meet, “Are you on Facebook?” You will be suprised about how many people are on the site. I ask them to find me on Facebook and give them my vanity name- . I use to always hand out my business card when meeting someone for the first time…it was the way you did things in real estate industry. Now, I only pass them out if they want to remember my name to add me on FB. It has been a great way for me to build my Sphere of Influence. A quick tip-if you have a common name, you may want to have a nickname next to it so it will make you easier to find on Facebook. Example, Jim Cronin with told me to find him by looking for his nickname(tomato) next to Jim Cronin when I was searching for him.

4. Don’t update your status too often- Most people I know do not like a blow-by-blow account of your day…Don’t post too much on other’s peoples walls or in groups…Guy Kawaski got kicked off Facebook for this. See 13 ways to get kicked off Facebook.

5. Remember people’s birthdays- My friend, Lorene Perrin, an El Paso Realtor® or reminds us that Facebook is about connecting with people. The best way to remember is to wish them Happy Birthday! Use the Birthday Calendar app to grab their birthdays. If you have an Iphone, you can download Birthday Calendar app so you have one quick easy way to see the birthdays of your FB friends. You can say “Happy Birthday” to their wall or use the Birthday card app or use for a video message to them.

6. Be positive- Don’t say anything that you would not want your Grandmother to see. If you post negative comments on someone’s wall, be prepared for the backlash. Many a times I have had my friends text me about the person that post negative comment on my wall to see how good a friend I was with that person or could they something back. Remember, it is hard to get your point across through words, so double check how it could be interpreted. When in doubt, put a with it!

7. Pay attention to your privacy settings- How private do you want to be it totally up to the individual person. To set your privacy settings in FB, go to the top right hand side where the heading is blue. Click on Settings, Privacy. Under the Profile Information look at who can comment on your wall, who can see photos, who can see personal information. Once you have selected, click on the right hand side to Preview. This way you will know what an outsider sees. Under Contact Information, pay attention to current address, & mobile phone. I would suggest you keep Send me a message for eveyone. This is a personal take but I use FB as a database to contact someone even if they are not my friend.

8. Send a message- when adding a friend, of course. Please don’t assume that everyone will remember your face or name from “back in the day”!!!!

9. Time management is key – In real estate the old adage was that we are suppose to be prospecting for business 60-70% of our time. If you are integrating Social Media into your existing prospecting/marketing plan, set aside the time needed to get familiar with your “platform” of speaking/engaging. I try to spend only an hour a day on FB/Twitter, but I can time manage much better with my IPhone.

10. Content is king- Do good posts!!!!! “Going to the bathroom”=Bad Post!!! ” Had toilet paper stuck to my shoe and no one told me! Would you?” = Good Post. If you can come up with cutesy things to say, then post a picture or a youtube video or a link from your favorite website saying why you love this site!

Disclaimer*** These were done in no particular order and they are must my opinion! See you on FB or Twitter @amyoutloud

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