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Fly Fishing in Fredericksburg!

Fly fishingBob Henke Measure Two Tournament

Fredericksburg Fly Fishers held their annual Bob Henke Measure Two Tournament on Saturday, February 26th at beautiful Crabapple Creek.


Rainbow trout in Fredericksburg, TX
The rainbow trout which were stocked in late December were spirited and cooperative. This is a 14 incher in the measure box having his/her picture taken before being returned to the water.
Fly fishing is for women too!

In case you think Fly Fishing is for men only, this group of women competed and as you see enjoyed their day on the water.

Lunch time for fly fisherman

Lunch was served. Many tales of lost fish were told. A special thanks to Bill Boren who was the director for the day and chief cook and bottle washer.

Sheila Anderson of Austin, TX

Excellence in technique was shown by Shiela Anderson of Austin, TX. She measured 2 nice rainbows on her first beat and released a third unmeasured.

Sheila Anderson of Austin, TXSheila Anderson of Austin, TXSheila Anderson of Austin, TX

Sheila Anderson
Her secret was a fly she designed can named “The Anderson Slayer”.


RW Spencer

Biggest Fish Award, RW Spencer, 18.5 inches

RW Spencer & Leslie Dehay

Third Place: RW Spencer & Leslie Dehay, 2 fish: 32.75 inches

Not pictured: Second Place:
Janice Togel
Gilbert Caceres
3 fish: 39.5 inches

Keith Masters & Mike Drew

First Place Winners: Keith Masters & Mike Drew, 4 fish: 53.75 inches

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Why Now is a Great Time to Buy a Home

Are you thinking about buying a new home? Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or planning to move up to a larger home, now is a great time to buy.

According to the Fannie Mae National Housing Survey released in September, 70% of Americans think it’s a good time to buy, compared with 64% in a similar survey conducted in January 2010.

Here are some reasons why:

  • Low interest rates. Mortgage interest rates are at very favorable levels. According to Freddie Mac, the 30-year fixed-rate mortgage rate hit an all-time low in early October—the lowest in the 40 years that Freddie Mac has been tracking rates–as did the 15-year fixed-rate and 5-year ARM. The 30-year fixed-rate mortgage averaged 4.27% for the week ending Oct. 7, while the 15-year and 5-year ARM were 3.72% and 3.47%, respectively. By purchasing now, you’ll lock in a low interest rate that will benefit you for the term of your loan.
  • Houses are priced right. One positive result of the housing downturn is that prices are more affordable in many markets—particularly areas that experienced huge upswings in prices previously. Still, as the economy recovers, prices are beginning to stabilize, and in some areas, even tick up a bit. According to the National Association of Realtors, the national median existing-home price for all housing types was $178,600 in August (the latest month for which data is now available), up 0.8% from August 2009. Why not purchase now in case prices continue their upswing?
  • Great selection. There are plenty of available homes on the market today, whether you prefer an existing home or a new one. Since inventory is plentiful, that means there are more opportunities for you to find the home of your dreams.

Would you like to take advantage of today’s opportunities? Give our CENTURY 21® Office a call today to learn about available homes

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How to Improve Your Curb Appeal This Season

You’ve heard the old adage: You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. That statement underscores the importance of curb appeal if you’re trying to sell your home.

Curb appeal—the attractiveness of the exterior of a property–is particularly important if you live in a market where there are a lot of homes for sale. Then it’s essential that your home make a statement and stand out from the competition.

What can you do to improve your home’s curb appeal this season? Here are some tips:

  • Spruce up the exterior. Clean the windows and gutters, trim bushes, make sure the grass is maintained and in good condition, and plant some flowers—mums come in many beautiful fall colors–to make the house look appealing and brighten up the exterior. Consider a fresh coat of paint—if not on the whole house, then at least on the doors, shutters and other trim, where you can add accent colors.
  • If your house is not well lit, install some new lights in the front and on the walkways. This not only improves safety but also helps showcase your home and its unique features.
  • Rake up leaves and remove them. Sweep your walks and front porch, and shake out mats.
  • Add a few finishing touches relevant to the season, but don’t overdo it. Pumpkins and dried wreaths are holiday classics and can create a warm, homey feeling in potential buyers. Steer clear of extensive Halloween decorations or religious displays.

Interested in learning how to make your home stand out? Give our CENTURY 21® Office a call today.

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Century 21 Real Estate LLC, the franchisor of the world’s largest residential real estate sales organization, today announced the launch of
@C21 – Home Matters, the official blog of CENTURY 21®. @C21 – Home Matters is a unique digital destination for home buying and selling tips that are informative and inspiring.  Those tips will be offered along with compelling narratives on the latest trends, industry news and key points to consider for anything related to homeownership.

“In today’s rapidly changing marketplace, we wanted to provide consumers with a content-rich source for community conversation around the homeownership, home buying and selling experience,” said Bev Thorne, chief marketing officer, Century 21 Real Estate LLC. “As the franchisor of the world’s largest residential sales team, that’s our forte.”

The new blog offers an attractive and engaging blend of first-hand real estate advice from industry professionals.  It includes ongoing conversations about seasonal trends, market news and practical tips for home buyers and sellers.

 Thorne added, “As a brand renowned for innovation, creating a best-in-class blog was the next logical next step in the evolution of our social media marketing strategy. Today, I am proud to introduce @C21 – Home Matters as the centerpiece of our social media platform.”

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National Museum of the Pacific War in Fredericksburg Texas

On scheduled weekends throughout the year, the Pacific Combat Zone comes alive with the sights and sounds of combat on a Pacific island as American Marine re-enactors move in to capture fortified positions from their Japanese defenders. Employing landing craft, tanks, explosive charges and flame thrower, the Pacific Combat Living History programs explain and illustrate the equipment, weapons and tactics American Army and Marine and Imperial Japanese Army forces employed in the deadly struggles on islands like Tarawa, Peleliu, Saipan and Iwo Jima.

For a schedule of Living History program dates see below. Admission to these 90-minute programs is $5.00 for adults and $3.00 for students. Children under 6 are admitted free. Tickets may be purchased in advance at the George H. W. Bush Gallery or the Admiral Nimitz Museum. Walk-up tickets are normally available at the Pacific Combat Zone prior to the program; however, these shows are subject to sell-outs. Earplugs are provided.

March 12,13               May 28, 29                 June 18,19                   July 2, 3                  September 3, 4               October 1,2                        

November 12, 13       December 3, 4

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Economic and Home Sale News

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The first musical production in the Hill Country of that classic story, Little Women,  is being presenting by the Fredericksburg Theater Company through March 6th. 

Based on the 1869 classic by Louisa May Alcott, Little Women was originally introduced on Broadway in 2005.  Director Kerry Goff is quoted as saying, “We want the audience to experience a wide range of emotions as they take a journey with Jo and the rest of the March family through successes, failures, personal loss and newly formed relationships.”

Amanda Hollis plays the role of Jo, Caitlin Hoover plays Meg, Heidi Eubanks plays Beth and Amy will be played by Ashleigh Goff.

Antique furniture, clothing and other collectibles from the civl War-era will be on display in the lobby during the show.

Tickets are $20 for adults and $5.50 for students.  Performances are Fridays through Sundays, February 25 through March 6th at 7:30 pm with 2 pm Sunday matinees.  Tickets can be purchased at or call 830-997-3588.

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Friends of Enchanted Rock

Made it to the top

Central Texas is blessed to have such abundant natural beauty, including Enchanted Rock at the nearby Enchanted Rock State Natural Area on RR 965 outside Fredericksburg. With looming budgetary cuts on the state level for Texas Parks and Wildlife, parks like this one may be in

On the way up to the top

financial danger. That’s why groups like the Friends of Enchanted Rock exist – they’re in support of the parks. In existence since 1999, this

Enchanted Rock Entrance

Friends group works in partnership with Texas Parks and Wildlife to promote conservation of the park’s resources. Please note that the group is always looking for new members and support – whether from individuals or businesses. For information, visit

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Economic News Week: February 21,2011

By Tony Stevenson/SWBC Mortgage

The DOW continued its upward climb last Friday and ended at 12,391 which marked three straight weeks of gains.  Also noted is the fact that so far, the DOW has only been down  just three days in February since this past Friday.   Not too shabby given the turmoil overseas in Egypt and the like.  Especially now that China seems to be tightening as they are fixing to raise rates.  A very watchful eye on Libya and the oil and gas markets will be one of the major market movers  worldwide this week.  U.S. FED Chairman-Ben Bernanke spoke at the G20 meeting recently and  rebutted foreign critics who say the U.S. central bank’s easy-money policies are causing  inflation and asset bubbles  abroad.   U.S. Retail Sales were up 0.3% last month in January for the seventh straight month in a row. The Philly Fed Index which is a manufacturing report in that region jumped in February to its highest level since January 2004. This increase was stronger than expected.  The Philly Fed index is watched closely by economists and traders for clues it might share about the state of the nation’s manufacturing sector.  As  an improving economy brings fears of inflation, “it’s too early to panic about inflation,” said Nigel Gault, chief U.S. economist at HIS Global Insight. “There won’t be an inflationary spiral unless wage  inflation picks up,” he continued.   And wages are not likely to rise anytime soon.

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308 W. Centre – 4 bedroom, 31/2 bath is reminiscent of Frank Lloyd Wright style.  This mid 1950’s home is a diamond in the rough.  Open beam ceilings, stained concrete and parquet floors and a touch of class like no other.  Wonderful for entertaining.  Post Oak trees scatter the near 1/2 acre lot in one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Fredericksburg.

Click on the 308 W. Centre link for a full video of the property.

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