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Friends of Enchanted Rock

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Central Texas is blessed to have such abundant natural beauty, including Enchanted Rock at the nearby Enchanted Rock State Natural Area on RR 965 outside Fredericksburg. With looming budgetary cuts on the state level for Texas Parks and Wildlife, parks like this one may be in

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financial danger. That’s why groups like the Friends of Enchanted Rock exist – they’re in support of the parks. In existence since 1999, this

Enchanted Rock Entrance

Friends group works in partnership with Texas Parks and Wildlife to promote conservation of the park’s resources. Please note that the group is always looking for new members and support – whether from individuals or businesses. For information, visit


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Economic News Week: February 21,2011

By Tony Stevenson/SWBC Mortgage

The DOW continued its upward climb last Friday and ended at 12,391 which marked three straight weeks of gains.  Also noted is the fact that so far, the DOW has only been down  just three days in February since this past Friday.   Not too shabby given the turmoil overseas in Egypt and the like.  Especially now that China seems to be tightening as they are fixing to raise rates.  A very watchful eye on Libya and the oil and gas markets will be one of the major market movers  worldwide this week.  U.S. FED Chairman-Ben Bernanke spoke at the G20 meeting recently and  rebutted foreign critics who say the U.S. central bank’s easy-money policies are causing  inflation and asset bubbles  abroad.   U.S. Retail Sales were up 0.3% last month in January for the seventh straight month in a row. The Philly Fed Index which is a manufacturing report in that region jumped in February to its highest level since January 2004. This increase was stronger than expected.  The Philly Fed index is watched closely by economists and traders for clues it might share about the state of the nation’s manufacturing sector.  As  an improving economy brings fears of inflation, “it’s too early to panic about inflation,” said Nigel Gault, chief U.S. economist at HIS Global Insight. “There won’t be an inflationary spiral unless wage  inflation picks up,” he continued.   And wages are not likely to rise anytime soon.

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