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Fly Fishing in Fredericksburg!

Fly fishingBob Henke Measure Two Tournament

Fredericksburg Fly Fishers held their annual Bob Henke Measure Two Tournament on Saturday, February 26th at beautiful Crabapple Creek.


Rainbow trout in Fredericksburg, TX
The rainbow trout which were stocked in late December were spirited and cooperative. This is a 14 incher in the measure box having his/her picture taken before being returned to the water.
Fly fishing is for women too!

In case you think Fly Fishing is for men only, this group of women competed and as you see enjoyed their day on the water.

Lunch time for fly fisherman

Lunch was served. Many tales of lost fish were told. A special thanks to Bill Boren who was the director for the day and chief cook and bottle washer.

Sheila Anderson of Austin, TX

Excellence in technique was shown by Shiela Anderson of Austin, TX. She measured 2 nice rainbows on her first beat and released a third unmeasured.

Sheila Anderson of Austin, TXSheila Anderson of Austin, TXSheila Anderson of Austin, TX

Sheila Anderson
Her secret was a fly she designed can named “The Anderson Slayer”.


RW Spencer

Biggest Fish Award, RW Spencer, 18.5 inches

RW Spencer & Leslie Dehay

Third Place: RW Spencer & Leslie Dehay, 2 fish: 32.75 inches

Not pictured: Second Place:
Janice Togel
Gilbert Caceres
3 fish: 39.5 inches

Keith Masters & Mike Drew

First Place Winners: Keith Masters & Mike Drew, 4 fish: 53.75 inches


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