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Hello- Meet Chai T. Latte


 The newest resident at the Bartel Rescue Center.  He was born to an irresponsible teenager on Sunday, March 6.  She promptly abandoned Chai and went with her own mother. Chai cried and cried but she never came to his maaaaaaas. I rescued him about 3 pm covered in dirt and feces, bloody remnants of his birth, and dirt up his nose.  He was so weak he could not stand. 

He quickly learned to nurse on his new Gerber milk source.  A trip to town ended in a warm bath, a towel dry, more milk from Mr. Ralph, and a nap in the sun.  Mr. Ralph and I secured a great cardboard box from the dumpster behind Abella Home.  (Thanks Cindy!)  Lined with cozy hay, the box makes a perfect bassinette for resting and gaining strength.  When it was time for his evening feeding, Chai was standing in his box waiting.  A little milk, a brief walk around the back yard, and back to the workshop nursery!  Watch for more of Chai’a adventures.   Do you think Quatro will finally warm up to him?  Will Gunner get tired of being the stepson?  
Quatro does not know what this goat is and wants nothing to do with him.  Gunner, the GREAT dog, has graciously accepted another stepson into his world.  Abby is an unhappy girl.
Mimi Bartel

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