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Update on Chai

Maggie and Chai

Well, Chai T. Latte is two weeks old.  He’s had a rough time for such a baby! 

Three days after he was born, he was blind.  So sad watching him run into shrubs, walls, people. A quick trip to see Dr. Pilmer resulted in an unfavorable prognosis.  However, we thought we’d do all we could to help him regain his sight.  Initially, mega doses of multiple vitamins and then daily doses of Vitamin A and B12. Dr. Pilmer said to give him four days to see any improvement in his sight.                                                                                                                                                                                               

Quatro and Chai T

On the third day baby Chai was beginning to see again.  He worked with me out in the yard all day Sunday in unfamiliar surroundings and never ran into any thing. Each day his sight seemed to improve. Now on his two week birthday, he is racing around the back yard with Gunner, playing with Quatro, and loving Maggie. Was his sight restored by divine intervention or modern medicine, or a combination of both?

Gunner, Quatro and Chai Gunner and Chai


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