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Sorry we haven’t written in awhile thin

Sorry we haven’t written in awhile things here at C21 sunset have been busy with Dwight and Karen out of the office. They have traveled to see Brett, Connie, and Luke:)).. Karen has sent the following message of a recent trip they went on there:

We are back from our visit to the Black Sea area, specifically Odessa and Crimea. In Crimea we stayed in Yalta but visited Bachissery (Khan’s Palace) Balakava (submarine base) and parts unexpected ……… I thought I would share some of the exciting opportunities we had!!!

On the way to our first stop, Odessa, we toured an underground missile site. Pretty scary to think these HUGE missiles were pointed at the US. Three men were down in the underground command center at all times(well at least that is what we think they said) and there was a phone there – it would take 2 people to set the missile off – pushing the button and turn a key at the same time. A very long underground tunnel made Luke very happy because he could run to his heart’s content. The gentleman running this museum were very concerned with the fact that Luke would be cold(a Ukrainian thing) and one of them kept trying to give Luke his coat. After we left the museum we relied on Brett and Connie’s GPS to get us to Odessa, a bit of a mistake but WOW what an eye opening experience. Brett had told us it would take about 3 hours to get from museum to Odessa and it was a nice road. We found out later had we not trusted the GPS he would have been correct. Our GPS took us the shortest distance, with the road mostly a cow trail – many, many potholes(some up to 2 foot deep) and very winding. At one point there was no pavement. We figured many of the small villages didn’t have many cars and since no tourists or important people went that way government probably figures no reason to waste money on road maintenance. We really saw the back roads!!! And not a planned part of our experience.

We spent 2 nights in Odessa which is a tourist city – beautiful flowers and fountains and places with people sitting on benches and children walking and playing. There was a bridge from one neighborhood to another one and the tradition has it for newly married couples to put locks on the bridge. There were locks that were engraved, heart shaped, large and small, and all sizes. There are so many that they cut them off after a while because they break the bridge railings. The flowers are like ours – tulips, pansies, lilacs, bridal wreath, and lots and lots of roses although the roses weren’t in bloom yet. Odessa has one street that cars can’t drive on and there are many restaurants on it – lots of outdoor dining with not just ordinary chairs for seating. Lounge seating and they have robes if you get cold. Lots of flowers on the streets. Very colorful. There is a beautiful cathedral there – very ornate – 2 level – with no seating – just open because they don’t sit down during their services. We think we saw a casket with an old lady and priest before it and lighting candles. There was also an Opera House that was beautifully done but we couldn’t get inside – just peeked. Luke walked most everywhere and was always cheerful. Great traveler.

In Odessa we ate at a steak restaurant and a Mexican restaurant – not like our Tex-Mex but tasty.


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