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>> Review of Last Week


Marya Humble
Senior Loan Officer
Prime Lending

DOWN, UP, UP, UP, DOWN…That’s the way stocks went for five days, but all three major indexes ended the week up nicely anyway. The negatives as usual came from across the pond, with a ratings downgrade of Italy and Spain spurring investors’ fears of ‘contagion.’ In case you were wondering, this contagion refers to European governments’ debt problems spreading to major European banks whose difficulties could then cause losses at major U.S. banks…unless the European Union steps in.

For positives, the September Employment Report showed 103,000 new jobs, with upward revisions to July and August bringing the total to 202,000. But we’ve averaged only 72,000 jobs a month for the last six months, which isn’t enough to bring down the 9.1% unemployment rate. The services sector, providing about 85% of our jobs, still expands, with the ISM Services index on an upward, if slow, trajectory for 22 months. Even truck and rail volumes are up, two more signs of economic growth and no recession.


October 11, 2011 - Posted by | Fredericksburg TX

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