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“The Texas school finance system is in c

“The Texas school finance system is in crisis again,” said Mark Trachtenberg, a Houston lawyer representing 60 school districts that have filed a lawsuit claiming that the current state’s school finance system is unconstitutional. Dallas, Austin, and Houston have all joined in the challenge. The case is expected for trail next fall. Mr. Trachtenberg also said, “the current system does not meet the constitutional definition of adequacy and denies local districts the ability to address that adequacy.” They contend (the school districts involved) the current system violates the state constitution in two ways: Legislatures have effectively imposed a statewide property tax because districts do not have “meaningful discretion” over local tax rates and the state provides inadequate funding for schools to prepare students while requiring them to meet higher academic standards-all this in Saturday’s Austin American Statesman. Finally, something may come to pass and force our legislatures to “fix” our educational system-including equitable funding.


December 12, 2011 - Posted by | Fredericksburg TX

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