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Higher food prices are here to stay in the foreseeable future.  Reasons are numerous – 2011 drought the worst on record.  Cow numbers are now at their lowest count in the last 60 years.  Beef exports are up 20+% since the BSE scare.  City folks say “Holy Molie”, oldtime ranchers say it’s about time. 

 However, record prices doesn’t mean record profits, feeding the animals cost have doubled to tripled, grain seeds have doubled and guess what else- everything, we the people, consume comes to us via ship, train, plane or truck. All these means need fuel, yes, at record high “almost’oil prices.  Oil is the best and oldest green energy.  Not only fuel, oil, is in most all fabrics of our lives.  “Que Paso”. 


March 29, 2012 - Posted by | Fredericksburg TX

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