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Gary Marburger has the open sign up at his orchard which is just south of town off Hwy 87

The berries are at their prime and Gary is open most days from 9AM till the ripe berries are picked so it is best to come early.

You check in at the orchard and you will be given a collection box and picking instructions.   

You will join others picking in the fields but don’t worry, at this time there are plenty of berries for all.    




You will have your choice of many beautiful berries but you want to pick the ones that are deep red on both sides and which have a glossy skin.   Once picked, strawberries do not get sweeter.  so it is important to pick only fully ripe berries.   

We picked our box full in less than 15 minutes picking time.  Not even long enough to get a crick in your back…..  

Now up to the check out shed.  With berries as large and as plentiful as these are at this time,

 one has to be careful not to pick too many.


And remember to share with your friends.  A bowl of strawberries with some powdered sugar to dip in is a wonderful treat.


April 3, 2012 - Posted by | Fredericksburg TX, real estate

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