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Mid-Century Modern Architectural Style in Fredericksburg!

The Mid-Century Modern Architectural Style, also known as California Modern style, is characterized by clean simplicity and integration with nature. It is emphasized by creating structures with ample windows and open floor-plans with the intention of opening up interior spaces and bringing the outdoors in. Many Mid-century houses utilized then-groundbreaking post and beam architectural design that eliminated bulky support walls in favor of walls seemingly made of glass. Function was as important as form in Mid-Century designs, with an emphasis placed specifically on targeting the needs of the average American family.

Here is a local example of this style of architecture!


This property features straight lines and square details with a touch of softness brought about by the orange balls as you walk up to the front of the house. The same stylish balls adorn the back porch with a splash of color! The many windows throughout the home allow sunlight to permeate the interior and offers a stunning view into the carefully manicured courtyard. The in ground pool, and addition to the placement of the plants, give the guests and residents a sense of Mother Nature in their own backyard.

-Mimi Bartel


September 20, 2012 - Posted by | Fredericksburg TX

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