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“Good News” We are Ready for your Christmas Visit to Fredericksburg! – By Jack Arnold

“Good News!” We are ready for your Christmas visit to Fredericksburg. Main Street and its historic buildings are decorated to give you “happy feelings” of the small town of your childhood.
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The Markt Platz is ablaze with color.
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The German Pyramid is a special feature. Constructed in Germany, it tells the Christmas story in its revolving five sections. Mary and Baby Jesus are in the bottom section.
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The Vereins Kirche reminds us of our Christmas past and our religious traditions.
Resized IMG_4213 Resized IMG_4237

Ice skating can be enjoyed by the “kids” (young and old alike!)
Resized IMG_4260 Resized IMG_4259

As a special treat, the moon provides special light on clear, cold nights.
Resized IMG_4262 Resized IMG_4263

And this is your personal invitation to make your “downtown” home at our CENTURY 21 Sunset, Realtors office at 408 W Main St. We are ready to meet your needs whether it be for restroom facilities, information of any kind, and especially for information on the real estate market. We are ready for you. Come see us!


December 5, 2012 - Posted by | Fredericksburg TX

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