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From a letter dated 1960 from Admiral Ni

From a letter dated 1960 from Admiral Nimitz after a student wrote him asking how to be a better citizen. “It seems to me that young people should first establish themselves as self reliant and reliable members of the Family Team. Each should willingly and cheerfully assume responsibilities at home when required to lighten the burden on parents. A good citizen understands and supports good government in his community, state, and the nation, and when called upon-should be willing to serve. Neglect no opportunity to learn. Every good citizen should be thoroughly familiar with the history of his country-and have a working knowledge of international affairs and the world around him. He should be able to read and write his own language with skill and be able to express himself correctly and fluently in his speech. He should never forget the Golden Rule-‘To do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”
Sincerely, Admiral C. Nimitz


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