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Texas Weather

Snow in Fredericskburg, TX

Lynne Renaud in Snow

Goats in Snow!
Goats in Hill Country Snow

by Lynne Renaud

If you don’t like the weather in Texas, just wait around 5 minutes, it’ll change. On February 23,2010 we experienced 4-6 inches of snow in our beautiful Hill Country, which really isn’t that exciting for most people, but to us it’s pretty darn exciting

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Presented by Lynne Renaud

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How Kraupahen Street Got Its Name

by Wesley Giesbers , Sales Associate                                                          

Wesley Giesbers, Sales Associate

Wesley Giesbers, Sales Associate

In the early fifties Farmer’s Grain was established to provide local grain farmers with an outlet for the crop.  Three large silos were constructed between Washington Street and Ettie Street.

   The access to the silos split the block and eventually the city paved the street to allow the large trucks a safer access.

   The paved street was named Kraupahen.  It stands for Krauskopf, Pape and Henke who were the city officials influential in the formation of the street.

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By:  Mimi Bartel, Broker Associate                                             

Mimi Bartel, Broker Associate

Mimi Bartel, Broker Associate

Texas homebuyers who qualify for the federal first-time buyer tax credit have two new programs from the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs that enable them to turn that credit into cash for a downpayment.

The 90-Day Down Payment Assistance Program enables buyers to receive 5% of the first-lien mortgage amount up to $7,000 for downpayment or closing costs as a 90-day no-interest loan.

The Mortgage Advantage Program works in conjunction with the 2009 Texas Mortgage Credit Program and the Texas First Time Homebuyer Program. Eligible buyers could receive 5% of the first lien mortgage amount up to $6,000 for downpayment or closing costs as a 120-day no-interest loan.

Both programs require buyers be eligible for the federal first-time buyer credit, complete homebuyer education, and file an amended 2008 federal tax return.

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By Lauri Tomlinson, Sales Associate                                              

Lauri Tomlinson, Sales Associate

Lauri Tomlinson, Sales Associate

(Nation’s Building News) – The Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs has introduced two loan programs designed to help first-time homebuyers apply the new $8,000 tax credit toward down payments and closing costs. The 90-Day Down Payment Assistance Program and the Mortgage Advantage Program will allow consumers to receive a short-term loan before filing for and receiving the federal tax credit. Consumers can apply these loans toward down payments and closing costs. Both programs provide assistance of up to 5 percent on the first lien mortgage, but the 90-day program maxes out at $7,000 while the Mortgage Advantage Program’s limit is $6,000. Repayment times also vary for the two programs, at 90 days and 120 days, respectively.

Source: The Real Estate Center is part of the Mays Business School at Texas A&M University in College Station – the heart of the Research Valley.

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By: Lynne Renaud     


Farmers Market 002

During the Summer
4:00PM – 7:00PM
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Call Lynne Renaud
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By Nancy DoyleNancy Doyle, Sales Associate

 Click my picture to search for Gillespie County properties!

 When I think of the architecture of Fredericksburg, I think of it in the true sense of the whole form.    The construction and design of the buildings in Fredericksburg takes into consideration the natural beauty of the Hill Country landscape.

Your first drive into Fredericksburg’s Main Street pretty much puts into motion all the above principals starting with planning design.  Many of the streets are wider than in most cities.  Fredericksburg’s Main Street is exceptionally wide because it was originally designed so the oxen wagon could do a U-turn and not have to back up.   

Pictured here is the Craftsman style home, one of the popular forms of architecture in early Fredericksburg.  A bungalow dwelling is a style developed from a form of rural housing. 

Craftsman style home

Craftsman style home

Typically the Craftsman home is one story, few rooms, a maximum of cross drafts with high ceilings, unusually large windows and door openings.  Also, they include verandas on all sides to shade the rooms from the intense light and heat.

I look forward to sharing some more forms of Fredericksburg architecture in later Blogs.

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Alpacas – now in Fredericksburg

Lynne Renaud, Sales Associate

Lynne Renaud, Sales Associate

Alpacas are making their presence known around Fredericksburg. 

The graceful herds originated in the South American Andes Mountains where their fleece was prized as “Fiber of the Gods”.  After a period of decline in the 17th century, the most hardy of the herds survived in the high altitude and harsh landscape of the Andes.  The resulting bloodlines produced hardy, agile animals with dense, high quality fiver.  The Alpacas were introduced to America and Canada in 1984 and immediately became a beloved part of the North American landscape.
Alpaca facts: 

a. Camelid familyHair, what hair

                        b. Three stomachs (similar to the ruminant with 4 stomachs)

                              c.  Selective grazers eating pasture grasses and hay

d. Chew their cud similar to a cow.

e. Two types: Huacaya, and Suri.

f. Soft padded feet and no top teeth.

g. Average height: 36″

h. Average weight from 100-175 pounds.

i. Alpacas have a life span of about 15 – 20 years. 

j. They provide fleece for a lifetime and the fleece comes in 22 colors that are recognized ty the textile industry.

k. They provide 5 – 10 pounds of soft, warm fiver that is turned into the most luxurious garments in the world.




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 By Jack Arnold, Broker Associate
May 16th
May 16th

On Saturday, May 16, 2009 we awoke to a dark and cloudy morning.  The television reported rain in Llano and headed our way.  Shortly, we heard the beautiful sound of raindrops on our tin roof.  A few at first, then a torrent.  The patio soon glistened with pools and rivulets.



  Rain is a welcome happening in Fredericksburg and is best enjoyed by being out in it. 
So Sunya and I got into my Jeep to see  how  everyone else was celebrating.


Town Creek

Town Creek

 We first checked to see if Town Creek was flowing over the water crossing on Schubert Street.                                                  
This is called the Duck Crossing.   Sure enough, the water was flowing over the street, but just  barely.

Main Street

Main Street

Then we checked out Main Street.  Wow! Wall to Wall cars.  on a Saturday Morning and in the rain.  What were all these people doing?



Umbrella Parade

Umbrella Parade

They were looking for a parking place so they could join the Umbrella parade.  and where was the parade going?




Street gutters

Street gutters

Wherever it was going it did not let the water flowing in the street gutters stop it.




Mor fun shopping in the rain

Mor fun shopping in the rain

The people were going shopping.  the rain just made it more fun and besides, how often do you   get to display your red or green





Rain headed east

Rain headed east

Shortly after noon our rain storm moved off to the East.  Headed for Johnson City and Austin.  But it did leave us with .83 inches in our rain gauge and with happy grass, trees and visitors.



Perfect Sunset

Perfect Sunset

And as if we had not been blessed enough by the beautiful rain, the sun, and lingering clouds provided the perfect sunset for those lucky enough to be here.




Rain      Sunya did have one complaint.  she did not get to run in the rain.  Maybe next time.

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Time to buy is RIGHT NOW


Mimi Bartel, Century 21 Sunset, Realtors Broker Associate
Mimi Bartel, Broker Associate

U.S. home prices have declined across the nation in the past year—albeit at varying levels. Latest national price declines range from as little as 4.5 percent (Dallas, Texas) on a year-over-year basis in February to as great as 35.2 percent (Phoenix, AZ) according to S&P’s Case-Shiller Home Price Indices.

It is the anticipation by many prospective buyers for further home price erosion that keeps them on the sidelines and from participating in homeownership despite the lowest interest rates since Freddie Mac commenced the statistical series in 1971.

While further price declines may be realized, the likelihood of rising interest rates makes purchasing now a better option than waiting for further potential value declines. Simply stated, there is a greater possibility of interest rate increases than potential value declines. Even with the price decline, the interest rate increase may result in the buyer no longer being able to qualify for a loan on a home they wish to purchase for which they qualify today. Despite facing a potential in declining home values, now may be a better time to buy.

To make the comparison simple, let’s assume a loan amount today of $100,000 with a 30-year fixed-rate residential loan at 5 percent. Nationwide at the time of this writing, the average 30-year rate was 4.85 percent per Freddie Mac.

A buyer today at 5 percent interest borrowing $100,000 has a monthly principle and interest payment of $536.82. If prices decline 5 percent (and the loan amount does also) and interest rates rise just ½ of 1 percent, then the monthly payment remains the same ($539.40).

So if rates go up just 1 percent to 6 percent per year, then prices must drop at least 10 percent for that same buyer to qualify for the same monthly payment. A 1.5 percent increase in rates to 6.5 percent requires a 15 percent price decline, and a 2 percent increase necessitates a 20 percent price decline to qualify.

(Note: This 1 percent interest rate change to a 10 percent price change is only true when interest rates are 5 percent as they are today.)

Why will rates increase in the future more than prices decline? Looking at the S&P’s Case-Shiller Home Price Indices, the aggregate 20-city prices have already declined 29.1 percent since peaking in July 2006. For many cities, much of the price decline has already taken place. And Austin has seen very little decline in the median home price! And why will rates increase? Massive deficit spending has a high potential to drive up inflation and hence interest rates. Additionally, since these are the lowest rates since 1971, it’s not hard to project the likelihood of rate increases.  

So NOW may be the best time ever to buy a home and take advantage of truly historic low interest rates!

Information provided by Ted C. Jones, PhD, Senior Vice President—Chief Economist, Stewart Title Guaranty Company.    

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