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By Nancy DoyleNancy Doyle, Sales Associate

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 When I think of the architecture of Fredericksburg, I think of it in the true sense of the whole form.    The construction and design of the buildings in Fredericksburg takes into consideration the natural beauty of the Hill Country landscape.

Your first drive into Fredericksburg’s Main Street pretty much puts into motion all the above principals starting with planning design.  Many of the streets are wider than in most cities.  Fredericksburg’s Main Street is exceptionally wide because it was originally designed so the oxen wagon could do a U-turn and not have to back up.   

Pictured here is the Craftsman style home, one of the popular forms of architecture in early Fredericksburg.  A bungalow dwelling is a style developed from a form of rural housing. 

Craftsman style home

Craftsman style home

Typically the Craftsman home is one story, few rooms, a maximum of cross drafts with high ceilings, unusually large windows and door openings.  Also, they include verandas on all sides to shade the rooms from the intense light and heat.

I look forward to sharing some more forms of Fredericksburg architecture in later Blogs.


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Nancy Doyle’s Background

Nancy Doyle, Sales AgentBeing a native of Houston has given me the ability to truly appreciate the Hill Country of Texas. The character in land and the verity of the soils add such dimension to the topography here in Gillespie County that I am truly amazed on a daily basis by its beauty and serenity. It’s no exaggeration when I say the sun always shines in Fredericksburg. I am in complete amazement when I see how such little rain does so much for the country side. When the bluebonnets come, the people come and our small and sleepy town comes truly alive.


Starting my fifteenth year in Fredericksburg and with CENTURY 21 Sunset, Realtors allows me to see the changes not only in the real estate arena but our town. The hospital, housing, and restaurants have doubled. There now is a four screen theater to watch a movie. New wineries, vineyards and tasting rooms where you can visit and enjoy are part of our lives now. Wildseed Farms also attracts many people with its magnificent flowers. This is only to name a few of the changes, and for the most part, all to the good of Gillespie County.


My formal education in Art and Design, together with my real estate knowledge has blessed me with the privilege to design and restore three Historic properties here in Fredericksburg, one of which is my home. There is no doubt that I have a deep passion for real estate and homes, and home is truly where the heart is. I am the path home.

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